EBOCS Project

The ultimate objective of EBOCS is to build and implement a pilot IT service that provides simplified and unified access to data on business ownership and control structures held in business registers across Europe. Counter Crime Agencies (CCAs) will be able to use the service to conduct analysis and investigations using existing software tools that are used to model, analyse and visualize relationships between people and businesses suspected of being involved in financial and other criminal activities.

EBOCS is a follow-up to the BOWNET project (http://www.transcrime.it/bownet) in that it aims to implement the recommendations on providing a support tool to improve the access to business ownership data held in business registers. In its first phase, EBOCS has provided real-time information services for financial analysis and investigation purposes, accessing only four business registers (Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Romania). The project has developed a proof of concept information network to provide simplified and unified access to BR data on business ownership and control structures. The objective of the second phase is to extend and further develop the initial EBOCS prototype service, with the addition of a number of new registers (Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK and more) and the development of a central visualisation tool that will allow CCAs to intelligently access the EBOCS information services.

It is expected that the extended pilot covered by the grant will enable the participating users to immediately analyse at an operational level the information in the participating business registers. The funding body and CCAs believe that this will translate into huge time savings in the intelligence and investigation activities. It will no longer be necessary for CCAs and other authorities to consult foreign registers directly, or ask foreign counterparts for information and stall the analysis or investigation until the information is received.

The service will be capable of supporting queries such as 1) Get the ownership information for Company 123456 in register X. The response might include a list of owners and controlling officers with attributes such as name, address, date of birth and identification numbers or if the owner or officer is a company the attributes would include the registered name, status, address and number of the incorporating country and register. A list of relevant available documents that contain ownership and control structure data would also be provided for cases where structured data is not available 2) search for a company in a particular country/register or across Europe 3) search for companies linked to a person in a particular register or across Europe.