The objective behind the EBOCS project is to design and implement IT services that will allow the analytical and visualisation tools to query for and obtain ownership and control data for legal entities in a secure standard format from BRs across Europe. The objective is clearly reflected in the main project activities. The activities that will be undertaken by EBOCS project partners are structured across four activity groups.

Activity 1

Governance and Operational Framework
Analysis of governance, policies and procedures; draft of Service Level Agreement and Terms of Use; analysis and drafting of governance and sustainability report.
Activity 2

EBOCS Platform
Design of the central Visualisation Tool; integration of new information providers (business registers); provide maintenance and support services associated with the central EBOCS platform to support testing and demonstration activities.
Activity 3

Gateway Components
Review of the integration guidelines from phase1; gateway integration component by new Business Registry participants; testing Gateway components including integration with central platform and newly developed visualisation tool.
Activity 4

Project Management
Project management, administration, coordination of activities and communication with project stakeholders to include the European Commission.